Sander Ozonisatoren

Ozone Generator Multizon

Inside view Multizon 500 g/h
The construction shown is only exemplary and may vary evidently.

Ozone Generator - fully automatic

Ready-to-use in a compact cabinet design. Performance and construction according to DIN 19627 with TÜV approval and GS sign. Ozone is produced by dark discharge under vacuum or alternatively under slight overpressure (max. 0,8 bar).

Special Characteristics:

  • Air Cooling
  • Compressed Air Dryer with oil-free compressor for constant use

Ozone Production:

Tubular ozone elements, operating according to the principle of dark discharge. Material: electrodes as well as ozone- and air-collecting-chamber are made of special aluminium.

Air Treatment:

Heatless air dryer, continiously operating, with two columns, that dry and regenerate in turns. This unit is applicable for 24-hour-operation.

An impeccable air drying is granted, even with highest humidity of ambient air. The dehydration degree of the air complies with a dew point of -60°C or with a content of residual water < 100 ppm.

Control Panel:

  • Manometer
  • Ampere Meter
  • Indicator Lamp for Operation and Malfunction
  • Six-Step-Switch
  • Air-Flow-Meter
  • Main Switch


Equipped with all construction elements needed for the observation and control of the unit:

  • Protective Motor Switch
  • Contactor
  • Timing Elements etc.

In case of malfunction the error source is indicated selectively on an error annunciator with 6 to 9 different signals. A potential-free alarm contact passes on the malfunction.

Air Cooling

  • No Water Connection
  • Ambient Temperature up to 35°C

System Pressure:

Vacuum System:

The vacuum system is particularly safe. In case of a leakiness or breakage of the ozone pipe no ozone can escape. Several injectors can be connected. If the suction performance of the injector decreases, also the produced ozone amount decreases. In case the vacuum is interrupted completely, the ozone productions stops.

Over-Pressure System:

This system is chosen, if e.g. pressureless water tanks shall be treated with ozone directly through gassing filters. A special advantage is that no additional mixing energy is required.